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Re: 1995 A6 Timing Belt

Hairy green toads from Mars made Small, Jason say:

I said:
> > I believe the V8s recommend 90K (but wisdom is still 60K).
> > Some engines are interference, some are not. Many Audis
> > (especially the non-interference ones) do not specify a
> > change interval. My new A6 does; 60K.
> Is there a way to find out if an Audi engine is an interference or not?
> (i.e. a compiled web site?)  My specific question is regarding a 1989
> 100Q.  I think its the MC engine, but I don't have my Bentley handy and
> I have a poor memory.

I have this car, too, and it's an NF engine, which is *NOT* an
interference engine.

I cannot say if there is a "general" source of information
about this, e.g. a web page.


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