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92 100S Clock Adjusting - SOLUTION

     Thanks to listers Craig Niederst and Mark Reis for the solution, 
     and for everyone else's suggestions.
     The correct procedure was to PULL the dimming knob out, and then 
     the clock would begin to advance (analog clock).  The owner's 
     manual incorrectly states to *push* the knob in - this doesn't do 
     anything with the clock.  Having been born and raised in America 
     and also having learned German from an early age, I think someone 
     may have gotten confused while translating the manual.  To this 
     day, I still sometimes confuse the German "drueck" and "zieh" with 
     the English equivalents of "pull" and "push".
     Just another fun Audi/VW quirk I guess.
     Karl H. Nitz
     '92 Audi 100S, 78K miles
     '97 Chrysler Sebring, LXi, wife's "German" car
     '81 VW Rabbit Diesel, 198K miles, 40mpg daily driver
     '86 Kawi ZL600 and '85 Honda VF500F, in hibernation