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Re: installing radar detector

My radar detector stays on all the time while the ignition key is on,
although in my last Audi, when the sunroof hit full retraction, the detector
would cycle off then on once.  It must depend on which lead you pick, as I
remember two or three being powered.

Dave Puterbaugh
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From: Lee M. Levitt <lee@wheelman.com>
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Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 5:19 AM
Subject: re: installing radar detector

>"Dave Puterbaugh" <deputer@email.msn.com>
>>It is quite simple if you have a light for checking hot leads.  Take of
>>sunroof switch cover.  On my 1991 200, you pry out the interior light.
>>gives you access to a screw that you need to remove, which in turn
>>the entire switch cover.  The sunroof switch has about five wires that
>>off it.
>I had my Passport wired into one of the sunroof leads, and every time I
>opened or closed the sunroof, it caused the Passport to cycle. Got sick of
>that after a while and ran a wire under the doorjamb trim to a better
>source under the dash.