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Re: (No Audi Content) Intersection BigBrother: Follow Up

Thanks for your input!  Any more would still be greatly appreciated,
however.  My friend is still kinda miffed at the situation, but from
interrogating her further, I tend to believe the camera.  Their are five
photo's of her:  one shows her car passed the stopwalk line as the light
had turned red, two more show her going through the intersection.  The
last two are incredibly clear pictures of her driving the car and of her
licence plate.  The miracles of modern technology.  That doesn't mean I
agree with the method, though.  Applying the law by proxy doesn't sit
well with me.  And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that taking off
your front plates, a strip of tint on the top of your windshield, or the
sun visor being down to cover enough of your face will add enough doubt
to the picture to give you enough to weedle yourself out of a ticket.  I
don't condone lawlessness on the road, but this is pretty absurd.  

I would find out if she was truely running the red light, ie (a)starting
behind the crosswalk and progressing through the intersection when 
the light is red, or (b)having been stopped in the intersection waiting to
turn and then clearing the intersection after the light has changed red.
Option (a) is illegal and (b) is legal. My wife was doing option (b) when
a US west phone company van came through the intersection and
totaled our coupe GT a little over a year ago. The driver of the van said
the light was yellow, my wife said it was red. No tickets issued as there
was no way of indicating fault. BTW, in colorado it is legal to enter an 
intersection when the light is yellow. A yellow light is the same as the 
green light or so the police said. 
Dave Lawson 
1983 ur-quattro
1990 200 TQ avant