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Re: Aftermarket Floor Mats

In a message dated 1/16/99 5:27:36 PM EST, seedow@yahoo.com writes:

<< I would appreciate any advice on which type of mat is best to protect
 my car from the NE Ohio weather. >>

Dear Craig,
I bought and love the winter mats from LL Tek.........888 405 5835.
They are a full size carpeted mat with raised edges and a rubber ( leak proof
) bottom.  Fit is very good, although I still use the water holding mat on top
of  these LL tek mats................but this way.........No water or such
should ever reach the Audi mat or the floor's carpet.  You get four mats for
in the car and one large mat for the trunk for about $100.   Take a look at
them in their catalog.  I would recommend them.

Bradley Blumfeldt
Pittsburgh PA
' 97 A4 turbo quattro