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Re: Swapping sides...

Steve Jensen wrote:
> Hey all:
> Was pulling the the front right (as you are sitting in it) CV axle from the
> parts car and discovered the outer CV boot is cracking at full extension,
> so I can't use that one on my 5KCSTQ.  Nuts.  The front right outer CV on
> the good car is toast, and I was going to use the parts car RF axle as a
> replacement.
> However...the opposite side (left front) on the parts car is okay and
> appears to have a new outer boot.
> The dumb question is: can I swap sides on the front axles?  Mr. Bentley
> says the length is the same for man. trans. cars, but do the CV's acquire a
> wear pattern or anything of the sort that will cause them to self destruct?
> I know, probably the idiotic question of the day but I want to be sure.
> TIA!!
> -Steve Jensen
> 87 5KCSTQ
> 88 5KCSTQ parts car

Actually the CV joint should last longer swapping sides.  The wear of
parts internally will be now on the opposite side which had negligible
wear from before.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA