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RE: Misbadged Cars

mine doesn't have the "audi".  quattro on the left, turbo on the right and
the 4 rings in the middle.  i know a lot of the 20v's simply had the 4 rings
centre on the boot lid.

ok, so we've got: -

the wr/wx had "audi" on the left and "quattro" on the right without the
the mb had "audi" on the left, the 4 rings and "quattro" on the right.  with
or without the "turbo"?
the rr had "quattro" on the left, the 4 rings and "quattro" on the right.
some simply had the 4 rings.

btw, as far a dictionary definitions goes, the ur-quattro was always the
"Audi Quattro", while the models with quattro were "quattro".  now, due to
general confusion, "Audi Quattro" has no particular meaning.  hence the
ur-quattro moniker.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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	> my ur-q has what can only be described as a porsche-script "turbo"
label on
	> the rear bootlid.  must have had some left over when they built
the car.
	> build date is november 1989.

	The 20V ur-quattro's badging, ex-factory, was 'Audi' on the left and
	'quattro turbo' on the right.  The only difference between the 20V
	the MB is that the four rings in the centre are slightly smaller on

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