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Re: Thunderhill report, (more) longish, US content

Brandon did a pretty good summary, so I won't repeat it, but I do have a couple comments to
add.  Please pardon my enthusiasm, it was my first qclub track event and I had a great
1. Double kudos to the Bennetts for organizing the event.  Their extended pit crew (ok, mom
and girlfriends) are to be commended for bravely keeping the coffee and soup hot while battling
cold, rain, and 30mph winds.  Although things didn't quite get started on time each morning,
that had more to do with the Thunderhill track crews than with the qclub organization.  And I
don't think anyone went home feeling they got shorted on track time.
2.  The best sounding car wasn't mine, not even close.  By far it was the S4-
on-steroids owned by Scott something-or-other.   "Not quite stock", 400hp 20V complete
with nitrous.  The exhaust consists of a slight extension to the downpipe, you
could see flames under the car as it downshifted.  Listening to this monster pound down the
straights was pure ear candy.  I was treated to a ride in it, and the acceleration is
absolutely blinding.  What a thrill!  The high point of the weekend was watching the S4 and
the Pikes Peak Porsche duel it out.  They were going 135 mph on the front straight (I could
only hit 80-85).  The Porsche was faster in the curves, but not by much.
3.  I was pleased with how the "slow" cq held up against the A4's.  While there were some
very fast 1.8T's, in my novice group it was mostly 2.8's.  By the later sessions Sunday,
I was passing them, and the only cars that passed me were Treadways 20v urq (damn well
better pass me!) and the 2 5ktqs which had  gotten the full 2Bennett treatment.
4.  The A4's are nice cars but there is nothing like the sound of a lightly muffled I-5 at 5000
5.  Got to meet lots of "famous" people that I'd heard of and read about on these lists.  I
considered it a privilege to be in their presence.  Brandon mentioned a few of the names,
I won't even try for fear of omitting someone.  And the whole group was just a great
bunch and made me feel welcome, even though I had neither a turbo or a clue.
6.  Many many thanks to the instructors for their patience and bravery.  I learned a lot.
Each of them found ways to get me around the track a few seconds quicker.
7.  Safety course to improve defensive driving skills?  Hah!  It's about reducing lap times.
I loved it and am anxiously looking forward to next year!

Matt Rooke