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re Audi90 speedo bulb replacement.

"Dan Sinclair" <sinclair@prospro.com>, who has a 1988 90 wrote:

My turn.  A dash light behind my speedometer has burned out - replacement
procedure?  Bentley's manual is useless in the "trim and fittings"
department.  I'm pretty skilled at interior assembly and dis-assembly, but
it only takes one misplaced tug or pry to destroy a plastic retaining clip
or fastener.  I can't be the first, and I won't be the last...  I'd
appreciate any input.

I suspect that going in under the dash, past the pedals and package tray are
the way to go, but I've been down there before, and it is a blind reach
through a gawd-awful amount of wiring and steering linkage etc.  Is there an
easier way - I hope?

There are one or two of the multiplicity of dash lights that can be reached
from underneath.  However, the path thru the steering wheel is actually
faster, once you have some practice.  (I have a lot.)  Pull the horn
"button" by pulling vigorously away from the steering wheel, but in a manner
such that you don't pull it farther than 2 inches.  Disconnect a lead at the
back.  Remove the steering wheel retaining nut and washer.  Scribe the wheel
and shaft so you can resore it easily to the same spot.  Pull the steering
wheel.  At this step, Bentley suggests pulling the whole switch cluster.  On
my cars, I have found that I can remove the two screws accessible from the
bottom and gently lift off the top part.  Now you can see two screws at the
bottom of the instrument cluster (IC).  Remove these, but don't be surprised
if the plastic there is broken.  

Now the IC can be pulled out somewhat allowing access to the three (or four
if you have the trip computer) connectors.  Pull or pry up their retainers,
and pull out.  Now take the IC where you can work on it conveniently.  You
did get several lamps for replacement first, right?  You need mainly lamp
units that are in the 0.9 to 1.2 W category.  (The exact value is not
critical as the human eye is logarithmic, and barely notices slight changes
in brightness.)  Lamps are colored orange, black, green or brown (I think
the greens are 2W, but it could be the oranges).  Replace the offending
lamp(s).  You may wish to rig up a 12V source to test lamps (individually).
You need not disassemble the IC further.

In reinstalling everything, note that if the IC screws are not holding
anything, the switch cluster top will retain the IC adequately.  However,
one can rig some retainers from sheet metal to make the IC location more
positive if one wants.  The steering wheel nut should be torqued to 30
ft-lbs.  Glyptol (or fingernail polish for that matter, be sure to match
your car's color) can be used on the assembled nut to ensure that it won't
back out.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA