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Re: Steering Wheel Shudder


    My brother had a similar problem a while back with his Audi. It
turned out to be tie rod ends.  It would only do it at certain speeds and
seemed to get worse at higher speeds.  Try jacking up a front wheel until
the tire clears and then push and pull on the wheel to see if there is
any play.  Chances are that is your problem.  Good luck.


Jon wrote:

> I have been having a problem with my 87.5 Coupe GT.  I am getting
> a "shudder" in the steering wheel.  When I reach speeds of about
> 70-75mph, when I let up on the gas, the steering wheel gives a
> "shudder".  My knowledge on the inner workings of the steering
> and suspension apparatus is minuscule.  I know that I have a
> wheel bearing that needs to be replaced, but this I knew before the
> steering wheel started its dance in my hands (advise from a
> mechanic and the noise it emits confirms this).  I don't believe that
> the steering wheel problem is being caused by the wheel bearing.
> What could it be?  Any help would be appreciated.
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> Jon
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