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fuel adjustment 87 5ks

Hello all,

    I took my car into a local garage to have them check it over for a
problem that they didn't diagnose correctly. Anyway they adjusted my CO
setting, 3mm allen on the fuel distributor and the idle screw (??) the
one that hooks up the the butterfly on the intake of the throttle body.
The car is really bad out of adjustment because I can smell the exhaust
really bad when I stop the car and get out.

Is there a base line adjustment / staring point for these adjustments? I
know that I should goto a shop and get it properly adjusted but I still
have to work out a problem with my fuel pump turning off. (fuel pump
relay in the fuse panel is turning on and off) I am wondering if the car
is so bad out of adjustment that an electrical sensor is causing the
control signal to the relay to shut on and off. I looked through the
wiring diagram and it looks like the control signal for this relay (#10)
comes from the Ignition control unit. Does anybody have any Ideas what
could be causing this relay to be clicking?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.