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Re: Tire sizes for urQ!? (longish)


Some comments below.  Let us know how things work out.


At 09:30 PM 1/18/99 EST, Sonar465@aol.com wrote:
>Ok, now I'm confused.  I have done a bit of research over the last few weeks
>for wheels to go on my '84 Ur-q.  The stock wheels on this car are 15X8 ET24
>and I am running 225/50/15's.  The wheels that I have ordered are 16X8 ET 27
>Compmotives.  The reason I am going with 27's is the fact that it is the same
>wheel that they use to produce an ET of 35 which seems to be the size that
>most other Audi's use and if, knock on wood here, anything ever happens to
>Ur-q I can have the wheels machined "down" to 35MM ET to fit my other Audi's.
>I plan on using a 225/45/16 sized tire for the time being since I think
>225/50/16 might look a little "funny and the are starting to affect the final
>drive by quite a few percentage. 

The 225/50 gets very close to the '83 urQ, but the original '84 fitment was
about 5% smaller radius so you're right.

>I guess what I do not understand is why you
>would go with such a "deep" offset. A wheel with an ET of 38 means that you
>are losing 28MM of track compared to a wheel with an ET of 24, and with the
>rolled fenders you should have no trouble with rubbing since it is what the
>car came with.  Am I all screwed up or will a 16X8 ET27 work just fine with a
>225/45/16 on a '84 Ur-q.

Just from my calculation, it'll stick out a hair more than your original
but I think it'll fit.

>Jim Hahn