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Re: 1988 A-100 Quattro

Thank you very much. I'm very happy to find your answer because I had a erroneus information about the car.
I  bought my 100Q four months ago in a OPEL dealer and they told me that the 4WD start with the differencial lock button. Posibly there are other wrong informations like this:
- The buzzing fuel pump is normal (sometimes the noise increase when de fuel tank came be empty, I think)
- The oil consumption is in Highway 10 Litr/100Kms (24mil/gal) and City 13 Litr/100 Km (18 mil/gal).
>From your experience, do you think that this behaviour is normal?.
- They told me that this car was registered in 1998. I look in the Audi list and the first 100Q was in 1989. Are there some place (p.e.internet) to find the 'car origin' by the identification number (chasis)?

Very kind of you.

Andrew Duane USG escribió:

> Hairy green toads from Mars made J. Joaquin Margarido Menendez say:
> > I am new to the list too and have another question.  I own a 1988 Audi 100 quattro, 2226 cm3, 102 Kw, original from Belgium. I looking for Audi 100Q manuals because I can't find any specification about the user guide for this car. For example: I dont know if I use de Quattro button properly. etc..
> I don't know if anyone else has replied to you yet, so I will.
> I am pretty sure you can get the owner's manual from Audi through
> a dealer. I think they cost about $10 US (no idea what that is
> in Belgium).
> But I did want to clear up one thing.
> That button is not a "quattro" button. The car is *ALWAYS* quattro,
> all wheels always driven. The button is to lock the rear differential
> so the rear wheels turn together. It is only used at low speeds
> (< 25KPH), and will turn itself off above that speed. It also turns
> off the ABS, becuase it won't work right with the diff locked.
> It is "supposed" to help getting started or un-stuck in deep snow,
> but I have tried it a couple of times and found relatively little
> use for it. It doesn't seem to help me at all (and I get a LOT of
> snow up here). So you can just ignore it :-)
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