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Re: Nomex

>Yes, it's hard to believe, but Uncle Sam in his infinite arrogance
>presumes that a man, holding a Professional Class 2, Category A/B/C
>pan-European Driver's Licence has no clue as to how to drive a car if he
>has not yet driven in the 55mph, automatic-barge-infested USA, where the
>formal driving training is not even required!!! 

Uncle Sam was right -- when you arrived from Europe, you had _no_
experience with the standard, clueless, oblivious, and poorly-trained
American driver.  How could you possibly know how to deal with the bozo who
is shaving, talking on the cellphone, and reading the paper while driving?
That made you an extra risk.  

If you go through the joke of US Drivers Education, you get an insurance
_discount_!  It boggles the mind ...

>A triple-layer-Nomex tightly zipped up in anticipation of a flame
>barrage of the "freedom" lovers.

Here's one freedom lover (a radical one, according to some) who says "hear,
hear"!  If you haven't noticed, rights get a lot of press here, but
responsibilities are seldom spoken of.


P.S.  US Pilots have a saying:  "Q: what's the most dangerous thing in
aviation?; A: the drive to the airport!".