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Re: Porsche site & Lawyers

While on the subject....
I was working at a shop that does Porsche/Mercedes/BMW/Audi/Volvo work...
We Get a letter from BMW telling us we have to take BMW off of our sign...

Just though I might throw my 2 pennies in...
It's not only Porsche..

Rich Andrews
> Jon,
> Don't get your shorts in a knot. Many trademark owners conduct periodic
> spot checks of their trademark infringements, and act accordingly. Doesn't
> matter whether its an enthusiast site or a commerce one.
> Porsche is simply protecting its trademark, as it's required to by law. If
> it didn't actively protect its trademark, it would lose control of that
> trademark, and the value would become diluted. The owner has to demonstrate
> that it *does* actively patrol usage.
> Enthusiast sites can mention the name of the trademark holder. They can't
> cite endorsement, unless they officially hold endorsement. And they cannot
> display the trademark owner's logo without explicit permission. In fact,
> use of unique fonts (such as the Audi font) may be barred.
> Lee