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Re: stinky a4

On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, Shaun D. Mullen wrote:

]step would seem to be a deodorizer.  Are those little pine-tree jobs you
]hang from your rear-view mirror any good?  Any other recommendations? 

	"there's one in every car" - miller, /repo man/
	(one of my favorite movies)

	i have had these in various cars i owned (and even 
	hanging from my vespa) out of homage to the film;
	they smell like crap imo.  

	as far as deodorizers go, i have found that a brand
	called ozium works pretty well.  it's very strong, 
	follow directions.

]Shaun Mullen

	hey excellent, my brother's name is sean mullin.

 rocky mullin
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