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Stammering and bogging 80Q

I'm going to post this one on the behalf of my father.  The dealer service
people failed him, so...

1989 Audi 80 Quattro (5cyl manual - only way they came in '89).

Starts fine, idles perfectly, but when cold, it hesitates and stammers under
any level of acceleration, irrespective of RPM.  Almost like a repeating
miss, but that doesn't check out.  New Bosch plug wires, cap, rotor,
Platinums.  Dealer installed new injector O-rings, cleaned injectors, sent
my dad on his way and said it checked out fine.  (Unfortunately, the dealer
is 50 miles away, and they never drove the car "cold" - it has to sit
overnight to return to this state of malfunction).  Once warm, the
hesitation all but disappears (or is smooth enough by comparison that you
don't feel it after you've been jolted by the cold bogging for so long).
Any suggestions would be welcome.  Reply to me directly, or CC to the list
if you feel it would be beneficial to others.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90