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Re: intersections/rights of way/ no Audi content

	oh, how i *wish* that the worst offenders of this
	sort in my home town weren't the city busses.  but
	they are.

On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, John Larson wrote:

]As a nearly 40 year holder of a CA drivers license, I'm somewhat
]familiar with the traffic laws here. I believe the actual intent of the
]previously cited CA law regarding occupying an intersection while the
]light is red is to prevent drivers from entering an intersection when it
]is clear that they will not or cannot clear that intersection when the
]light changes. For example, if there is a tie-up farther along the road
]and you pull into the intersection behind other cars that have not the
]remotest chance of getting through on this or any immediately
]foreseeable change of the light, effectively blocking the clear flow of
]cross traffic. This not only pertains to turning traffic, but to through
]traffic as well. Cross traffic must not be significantly detained
]because of your action. If you pull out to make a left turn, and it is
]obvious that the jerks in the opposite lanes who have been stopped for
]the last three changes aren't going to be moving any time soon, you're
]in violation, as are they. If you pull out, and have to wait until the
]light goes yellow or red to turn, but you know you're going to be able
]to do so, you're ok. I think this law was introduced because of the lack
]of common sense evidenced by the average "me first, and if I'm not going
]anywhere, you're not either" kind of drivers flooding our roads today.
]Anybody see Dennis Miller's thing on the German word referring to our
]enjoyment of other people's misfortunes last night? He'd love this
]Lunchtime's over, gotta go.

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