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Re: Need suggestions for Painting Motor (Long)

> Thanks, I'll look into that for the brackets but I may Powdercoat them.
> For the block though I need something that doesn't have to be baked.  L8R

Um, the block will bake it for you, won't it?

Anyway, I've used some of the hi-temp paints on a few pieces.

cam cover, oil pan, fairly well prepped, held up fine.  Two years and
the oil pan still looks good.

4kq mfld/dp - didn;t relaly get rid of all the rust, used white 1000 deg
paint, half is still there...

F250 ex. mflds, downpipe - the manifolds still look good, and they were
kinda rusty.  about 3 years, not many miles.  the downpipe and muffler
it didn;t stick to well.

For your block, I'd say a few thin coats of 1000 or even 500 deg paint,
over well cleaned metal, ought to do the job if allowed to dry nicely. 
Treat any "thick" rusty areas with Rust-Fix, they'll turn black and stop

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT