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Re: more brake problems

> i not only have rusty brake lines, but now my emergency brake
> snapped, too! i was parking on a steep hill (my driveway), and my car
> (81 4k, 5cyl) kept drifting, even with the emergency brake on and in
> 1st gear.  the footbrake held it on the hill.  when i pulled harder,
> it snapped.  hopefully this is somewhat easy:), i dont have much
> time. are there any good sources to contact for the parts, or should
> i visit the local junkyard?

I was able to get a new ebrake cable at a local auto parts supplier,
paid about $25 I think.  make sure it's right though, the first one they
brought from a nother store for me wasn;t even close.  Since you'll have
to open up the rear brakes to install I recommend new shoes, hardware,
cylinders.  Cheap stuff, fits all kinds of VW's.  If your 4k is 2wd
which I think it is.  You should be able to get the drum brake stuff for
about $60-70 total.

might be good to get a new "saddle", too.  use a new locking nut on the
connecting rod.

i wouldn;t want to bother with a used ebrake cable, they are a pita to
remove, and it will only break sooner than a new one.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT