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starting problems with a '82 audi 100 typ 43

Hi Audi-Lovers,

For some time now my 1982 Audi 100 (typ 43) with the 5-cylinder, 2.2 l. 136 ps 
engine (fuel injection/electronic ignition) is giving problems on damp mornings..

When the night has been damp, the car starts relatively well, but the first 10 
kilometers travel it suffers from 'hiccups' when accelerating or cornering.

It is the feeling as if there is a contamination in the fuel: but I don't believe this 
to be the cause..
After a 10 km. run all will be fine again, and otherwise when I stop the 
car/engine after a few km's and wait a quarter of an hour or so the problem has 
cured too.

Spraying the ignition cables with wather repellent spray helped a lot too, so I 
assume dampness of the engine compartment and the ignition system will be 
the cause..

A possibility could be the warming up device regulating the injection system, 
but I don't see how this could be influenced by the repellent spray.

The distributor-cap has recently be renewed, so this will not be the origin of the 

Do the mechanics in the group agree with my 'diagnosis'????

I would be happy with any answer!

See you!
Robert Willemsen