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Re: A4 horn

You wrote:

> >Is it just my A4, or is the horn on these cars fairly quiet?  Does
> >anyone know of a good upgrade (i.e. manufacturer and where to buy 
> >it)?

Bob replied:

>Last year, I got the Hella horn from Griot's. The horn does sound
>different. Probably slightly louder, too, as it was advertised... >although I haven't measured how loud it is over the OEM.

The OEM horns in the A4 are pathetic. I do strongly believe in the
passive safety: loud horns, bright and properly aimed European-spec
headlights and ... USA-spec bumpers. :-)

I've had Italian pneumatic, compressor-driven horns in my every car
since '84. 
Right now there are Hellas in the 200 and Fiamms in the A4. Or visa
versa, I forgot. Both can raise from the dead.

Here's my personal trick on their hook up:
If you ditch the OEM Lo _but_ live the OEM Hi tone connected and use the
Lo wiring connector for your compressor you'd get two benefits:

1. The Hi tone OEM would be a reliable back-up coz the pneumatic horn
compressor does not work too well at the extreme negative temperatures.

2. Due to the fact that you'll have one electric horn (no inertia
whatsoever) and one pneumatic (works with a delay of about 1/3 - 1/2 sec
coz it needs to build up ~10psi of pressure in the chamber), you'll get
a very interesting tone. Literally, a cat's meow. Hard to describe, try

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros