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Re: modified ECU

> Rather than have 4 or 5 people call each vender, it seems we should get a
> consensus on who is likely to have the cash for an upgraded box sometime
> spring; say after tax day.  This doesn't have to be a firm committment,
> "If the price is right, I'll likely buy" kind of thing.

I would be interested.  I have a preference for IA just because I have the
IA upgrade in my urq and a friend has the IA upgrade in his S4.  We've had
no problems and the service/response was exemplary.  In the couple of times
I have dealt with TAP, I have not been very happy with their
service/response.  I've never dealt with Hoppen.

I also understand that Wett has an upgrade for the ur-S4.  I'd be
interested in seeing what they had to offer since a number of A4 owners
have been very complementary of them.

- Marc