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Re: Head & EM Studs Suppliers?

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Todd Phenneger wrote:

> 	Hmmm, then I remember I need to replace all those blasted EM
> studs, resurface EM, ANd get new Studs for the HEad.  Do I also need new
> studs for Intake Manifold???

The EM studs are a buck a piece at the dealer.  The nuts are kinda 
expensive for what they are, but you should replace them, and they are 
cheap compared to the cost of rebuilding your head.  The _bolts_ for the 
intake are generic, so buy those at the loca nut & bolt supply house.

> is there anything better out there.  Someone said If I use stronger ones
> like ARP or similar then I may strip them out of head instead of breaking

For the EM and IM, I don't think it is necessary to use anything else.

Graydon D. Stuckey
No Audis!  :-(
Yet!  :-)