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Hard start Audi 5000 csqw

Yesterday-  I reported a hard start 5-6 seconds.  The Blau web site said
needs new fuel injectors $56 blau $45TPC each .  Called my mechanic,
Dieters in Menlo Park Ca.  He said it might be to cold start relay or
"Thermal Time Switch"   Approx. $80.00.  This switch starts the "6th
injector" which sprays when the car is cold.  The check valve holds 30
lbs of pressure on hot starts.  I am taking the car in tonight.  I have
absolutely no time to work on my car.  And while Its in there I will
have them look it over.  I will post my findings later

P.S.  New 16 inch 7 spoke Audi oem sport rims coming soon!  Yippee!
Thanks to Howard Dints for all his help
Dan Hamren 87 5000 csqw