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seat wrc web site, and monte carlo results.

anyone interested in the seat wrc, the seat sport web site at
http://seat-sport.seat.es/ is well worth a look.

monte carlo news.

at the end of leg 3 liatta had dropped down to 9th after brake failure.  he
was just behind his team mate rovanperä. the final results had liatti in 7th
and rovanperä in 8th.

however, the seat wrc team was very happy with the results, including it's
1st ever stage win (the col de turini!!), in it's 1st official rally in wrc
guise.  the result puts seat 4th in the wc on equal points with toyota.

official results: -

1st  makinen (mitsubishi)		5h:16:50.6
2nd kankkunen (subaru)		+ 1:44.7
3rd mcrae (ford)			+ 3:16.8
4th auriol (toyota)		+ 3:52.8
5th delecour (ford)		+ 4:01.2
6th thiry (subaru)		+ 4:02.5
7th liatti (seat wrc)		+ 6:58.1
8th rovanperä (seat wrc)		+ 7:02.3

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q