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Re: re Re: 89' 200 vs 91' 200 20v

In message <A955A4BCA8F8D011AE1C0000F804A88A0226AA47@EMSS05M02.ems.lmco.com> "Smith, Kirby A" writes:

> And a very few RRs, one of which was crushed by the Serious Crime Squad
> in Bedfordshire last week.
> ---------------------------------
> Might I ask what purpose that served?

You might, but I doubt if you'll get a sensible answer.

The full list was:

One 1986 WR rolling shell with engine and gearbox - serious state.
(With Ronals and crappy tyres - no seats, etc.)
One WR engine
One RR engine
Complete 20V ur-quattro running gear and suspension
One complete 20V exhaust system
Four Ronal R8s with Pirelli P700Zs

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