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RE: blower motor.. getting close

>Well, you guys have gotten me this far. I used the "break bottom screw" 
method last night and
>got the old blower out. Now, what is the trick (I hope there's one) in 
getting the tab/slot
>to line up when you're installing the new blower. I tried for over an hour 
with no luck. Can I break it
>off ? I wouldn't think the position of the blower in the housing would 
make a difference, but I'll wait
>to hear back before I do anything....

Don't break anything off!!  If my memory serves me correctly, you have to 
'eye' up the alignment of the motor perfectly before you insert it.  The 
tough part is that you can't adjust the motor once it's in, as you will 
detach the armature cover.  The position of the motor is important because 
the hole in the armature cover must line up with the cooling hose that 
comes from the birdcage as well as rest firmly on the motor mounts.  Also, 
doesn't the tab/slot prevent the motor from slipping when in use?

Cliff Dawson