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EM Bracket - Was - OK, so let us know . . .

Rocky said

> 	this is the route i will probably also follow. $70 is reasonable :)
> 	are you doing the welding/planing yourself?
> On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Gary Kaklikian wrote:
> ]Thanks much Gary. I'm going to weld/plane the manifold on the 10v turbo
> ]going into my 4000q and add the support bracket. I'll take a chance on
> the
> ]$70, since $800 seems outrageous given my budget for this project.
I want to make this very clear.  The $70 bracket in question, 035-145-880,
was designed for the 2-piece EM.  It will undoubtedly fit on the one piece.
I'm just not convinced that it will spare the one piece from warping or
cracking.  The 2-piece design was designed to flex in the center, relieving
the EM from warp, and hence cracking.  The bracket I believe was designed
because the rear half of the 2-piece EM is for the last 2 exhaust ports, and
doesn't have as many studs holding it.  So the bracket partially relieves
the studs holding this rear EM piece from having to partially support the
downpipe.  Will this cure warping and cracking on a one piece?  I haven't a
clue, but if the answer was as simple as a bracket, I would think Audi would
have been figured out 10 years ago.  Mike said he fixed literally 100's of
EM's under warranty when he worked for Audi.  The non turbo EM's were
apparently worse.  One comment he did make.  Once a warped and cracked EM
was planned and welded, recurrence of the problem was minimized
substantially.  And they didn't have the bracket.  I talked to Mike about
this very issue.  He is absolutely not convinced that this bracket will help
a one piece EM.  He has been working on Audi's exclusively for 18 years.
His comment deserves some investigation.

I'm not trying to clutter up the issue.  I just don't you guys running out
and buying a $70 paperweight that you may not need.  I may have said a few
days ago that the bracket may be a slick addition to a one piece EM.  It
_may_.  It  also _may not_.  

If one of you engineering smart guys on this list can think about.  The part
in question is a bracket that bolts from just below where the wastegate cap
connects to the wastegate exhaust pipe to the tranny/engine bolts.

Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 110km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo, 2-piece EM
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