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Re: 4k door handles

Hello Dave!

    The "Super Lube" is a synthetic-based lubricant with Teflon.  What I
have is manufactured by Permatex.  I get all my supplies from MSC Industrial
Supply Co..
They have a same day shipping guarantee and can be reached at:
800-645-7270.  If you request their catalog get ready for a real treat!
This volume is huge!  You can also use their Fax:  1-800-255-5067 or the web
address of:  www.mscdirect.com

Wayne Scheer
Amsterdam, NY
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Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: 4k door handles

>There's a nice description of a simple procedure for lubricating door
>handles at Blau's website...
>Like Wayne, Blau also recommends LPS 3 lubricant.
>I've never seen this stuff.  Is it readily available at hardware or auto
>parts stores?
>Same question for ..."Super-Lube grease lubricant with Teflon"...  Where do
>I find it?
>Dave Conner