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RE: Not a slug at all!

The trans will pull the car fine if you lock the center diff but I would
recommend putting in a FWD trans. It will save you weight, and some room,
also if your diff were to become unlocked it will leave you stranded
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	Tom Nas wrote:
	> >I can attest to that.  I have a 86 5000SW which had a auto trans
and had
	> >the same non performance.  The wagon body was in such good
	> >door dings at all), that I didn't want to get rid if it.  It is
	> >in my garage in the process of a MC turbo 5spd conversion (slowly
	> >surely).
	> FWD and a turbo? Hmmmm... interesting in the wet with no traction
control ;-)
	> A turbo in my car would be a nice project, too. Unfortunately it's
	> prohibitively expensive to do here in Holland.
	> Tom


	What forced me to convert my wagon over was that it needed new
	valve grind, auto tranny was about gone, and it had died on
	problems).  I bought a wrecked 87 5000 quattro for the conversion
	stripped the Quattro down for the parts.  When I was removing all
	interior,dash and engine wiring and I video taped  it all.  So when
it I
	moved it over to the wagon it would be alot less complicated.  Have
	the wiring in. and am now working now on getting the quattro dash,
	gauges and AC controls in.  I was planning on using the quattro
	without the drive shaft.  I would assume this will work as a front
	drive only unless someone tells me different. I have access to a
	5spd if this one won't work. (Cost money)  

	Pat Korach
	Kirkland, WA