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RE: New Audi TT-s

I'm getting confused--
The TT is offered as a 180hp and a 225hp configs?
The TTs is an S-version, 300hp, yet to be revealed?

As far as 'to 60' times, I don't know what the '91 200q 20v's gearing is
like, but I'm sure the TT must go into a 2-3 shift with a 6 speed

A past-gen M3 had its gearing shuffled, making a 2-3 shift and made it
slower than the previous model.

Christian J. Long said:
>I was just looking at the TT brochure the other day and thinking how the TTS
>has more power (225hp) than the '91 200TQ (217hp), is lighter, but is slower.
>The brochure for the 200 says it does 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, and I believe the
>TTS will do it in 6.5 seconds.