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RE: A4 questions

I am new to the list as well and would like some A4 advice.

1.  Chips - TAP, Neuspeed, or Wetterauer?
2.  Any advice on new tires in Florida
3.  Does anyone know if the 97 A4 1.8q with the sport package came with a sports suspension?  I bought the car used.



97 A4 1.8q
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<< Hi Folks, sorry if I'm covering old ground.  I'm new to the list, and am 
 looking to purchase a new A4.  Couple quick questions....
 How long do these cars last?  Am getting the 1.8T.  How does the turbo 
 affect engine life, if at all?
 Also, any consensus on the Bose system?
 CG >>

The A4 is 1998 most reliable sport compact car or the year(so I was told).
The turbo doesn't kill the engine as bad as AFTERMARKET turbos.  So don't
think that Audi Stock turbo is bad because its hella good.  

I have the BOSE system and I have GREAT results from it.  It sounds great and
performs much better than any other STOCK radio i have heard.  But one
drawback is that you can't Mod it after its installed.  You can't add another
deck and use the same speakers, w/o sounding awful.  And you can't use the
stock face to run anything.  So once you get it, you stick with it.  Any
comments?  I have heard that the A4 can add CD changers now that isn't
700bucks from the dealer?  Is that true.  

I was told that the A4 has great cornering abilities.  

And on a side note.  The person who JUST bought that Audi 200q20vt from the
Seattle Area, I want to have a word with you  :-)

Jason Chen
Audi 200t 10v FWD - Damn you!
Redmond WA