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Re: Increasing turbo boost/performance on '88 5kcstq

I found out that the WOT switch is good for 2 psi (went from 4 to nearly
6 psi) which is approx 20 hp on my 5kcstq. BTW, the switch was OK. I was
rechecking it because I knew something was wrong and the wires pulled
right out of the connector as the rubber boot disintegrated. I snipped
off the green corroded portion of wire before adding a new connector.
That 2 psi made a very definate difference in drivability as did
repairing the 2 inch rip in the "michelin man" with bicycle tire patches
(since replaced with a new one) and replacing the cracked hose on the
brand new looking WGFV.  Each was good for about .1 bar on the dash.
Went from 0 psi boost to 6 all told. Car was very driveable....for about
10 minutes, then I chipped it :-)
'91 200 tq 	k24's spool up quick
'88 5kcstq 	sport seats! and 12 psi
'87.5 coupe 	no turbo, but only 2500 lbs
'86 4kq		working upshift light
> In my experience, this especially applies to WoT switches and vacuum
> advance actuators.
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