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I try to explain the problem a little more...
The car is a 1991 200TQ 20V.
So when the the tank is full, the computer shows the mileage (in this case
kilometers) 2000km,
the reading won't change untill the tank is empty and the computer starts to
blink "L" or was it "E" ?
the fuel consumption meter shows only some  0.7 litres/km no matter how long
or how fast I've been
driving. It does show the average speed almost right just after pressing the
reset button,
but after a stop, it climbs VERY slowly up, yes I know it is a average speed
but still it raises
too slow. It seems like the computer is missing some signal. What other
signals does it need
except the two signals (fuel consumption and engine speed) from ECU ?
I ordered yesterday the Bentley
manuals, and I hope I can find the wirings from there or can I ?

S. Räsänen