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RE: EM Bracket - Was - OK, so let us know . . .

In message <5f845e6.36a683ca@aol.com> JustaxPHX@aol.com writes:

> Interestingly, both my '89 200q and my '85 Ur-Q have this bracket attached to
> them (or something very, very similar) and they both have the OEM one-piece
> manifold installed ... I also have service records for both cars since they
> were new (or practically so) and nowhere in them can I find anything that
> suggests this was installed by anyone other than the factory.

"Idiot", I thought.  Never seen one on an ur-quattro, and I've looked at
dozens.  But there it is, on the ur-quattro parts microfiche, large as
life and broad as day.

It _doesn't_ appear in the drawings on the service microfiche.

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