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re: <WTB> used manual transaxle from '85-'87 audi coupe, front w

"Brian Doll" <bcd@rust.net> wrote:
> Used manual transaxle from audi coupe, I think I need one from '85 thru '87
> vintage.  Also, an '85-'87 VW Quantum transaxle would work.  Front wheel
> drive.  Prefer <100k miles.  Must have 4.90 ring and pinion. I live in
> Rochester, Michigan, but I have a friend in Pomona, California on business for
> the next week, and he could purchase for me there and bring it to me.
> Brian Doll
> bcd@rust.net

Just sold mine for $50, with about 160k on it.  The shift linkage at the rear 
of the tranny (the u-joint looking thing) was broken, but all the internals 
were probably okay. 

Doesn't help your search, but helps me vent a bit, since I only got $50 for it. 

I do need to sell stuff like the trunk lid, rear bumper, rear stainless trim 
pieces, and all windows except the right rear, among other parts.