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RE: 1989 Quattro 90 engine Problems - Lifters??

I would definitely do all the lifters while you have the cam out.  What kind
of premium are you speaking of? I got (normal?) lifters about a year ago for
$12 US$ each.  Of course doing this myself made the job more economical
(duh)   ;^).
I also believe the lifters to be very sensitive to the viscosity of oil you
are using as well as the oil level.  I use Mobil1 10-30 and the engine is
quiet until I get about 2/3 of a quart low, then it starts to complain.
Hope that helps,
chris perry
'89 90q 143K miles


> Should he do all of them.  Has any one
> experienced a similar problem?  Additonally, my mechanic is advising using
> a
> new, improved lifter that was referenced in a service bulletin - of coarse
> at
> a significant premium!  I would appreciate anyones insight or
> condolences...
> Ray
> dnrliss@aol.com