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Re: 89 200TQ Oil Guage

scott miller wrote:
> Why is it normal to have full-scale oil pressure when cold?  I'm running
> the same Mobil 1 15W50 I ran in similar engines in my synchros for six
> years.  Those engines didn't get nearly full scale oil pressure when
> cold, the oil pressures were very stable.  I've never seen any car with
> such large variations in oil pressure, with or without external oil
> coolers.  Perhaps it's the scale of the gauges?
> Pat, does your pressure never exceed 5 bar except when you have an
> apparent electrical problem with your gauge?  Is that the norm for most
> everyone with this car?
> Mine starts at full scale, then gradually mimics the tachometer as it
> warms, and sometimes reads as low as 1 to 1.5 bar when idling hot in the
> summer (without Prolong).  The associated low pressure warnings seem to
> confirm the gauge.  I have a few other instrument cluster problems, and
> I've been hoping the high readings were a gauge problem, not dangerously
> high pressures in my oil system.  The low pressures didn't worry me, as
> this car normally sits for days between long highway runs.  Very little
> idling.  I just bought it last spring, I'm hoping the crud in the oil
> system will gradually dissolve with frequent oil changes.
> Scott
> '90 200qw 167k


I would assume this is normal because other list memebers have stated
this oil pressure condition on the list.  When I drove my car up from
california last October, the oil pressure stayed between 4 and 5 bars
and idled at 2 bars.  

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA