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Re: '90 V8 Quattro...Transmission Help

>Help! Help!
>I am in the Atlanta, GA area and own a '90 quattro V8. Went the route of
>having my transmisson "fixed" instead of replaced by dealer ($7-8000 est).
>After many months in the shop, many $$$$, e-mailing ZF Corp. engineers, NO
>HELP from Audi....
>I still have a beautiful car with a leaking, smoking transmission.
>Any experts out there on this problem? Audi says no manuals or diagrams are
>available...so too bad!! My "authorized Audi repair shop" is at wits end.
>Any idea or suggestions welcome
>rich <ram1@mindspring.com>

If memory serves me the ZF tranny is only the 5 speed.  The Auto is a
Getreg.  I think it is shared with similar vintage BMWs that have the 4
speed auto.

BTW, if yours is a 5 speed, I KNOW I can help as I also have a 5 speed that
is gone south, and I have done most of the leg work already.

Email me if yours is the 5 speed.