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Re: Audi web site questionnaire

>>Maybe I'm just simple minded, but doesn't it seem slightly dangerous to
be reading e-mail in the car?  I mean it's bad enough when people are
chatting on their cell phone, but actually taking your eyes off the road
to *read* seems a little worse.
- --

I read in my local paper last week that the year 2000 Intrepid (I may be wrong
on the make of the car) will come with an onboard computer system that will
allow you to go on the WWW, check email, get directions, do diagnostics on the
car and a whole bunch of other things. Worse yet they said the system would
also be available to other cars as an after-market add on for $10 or $15.
Yikes, what a scary thought! 

The other day I was driving in the left lane of a three lane highway and as I
passed the guy in the center lane I saw that he had his lottery tickets
resting on the steering wheel and was scratching off the

95A6q pearl