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91 Coupe Q "roof rack" and broken fog light bracket


 Well, I've done some searching through the list archives and nothing
for the factory roof rack for the CQ20V(lots about the breakaway plugs).
I'm not saying it's not there, I just don't have the time to look
through all of the hits to find what I need:

Any one know if the factory rack is available still and is it compatible
with Thule(perhaps Thule made it)?
If it is Thule made and/or compatible, does anyone have one FS.

On the repair side of things.. I bumped the front air dam on a left hand
uphill intown turn today. This broke both of the mounting tabs on the
right fog light. Damn!! Looking though the records, I noticed the
previous owner had the same problem, he paid $175 for a new light assy.
Can these tabs be repaired, or should I just replace the pair with a
reasonably priced set of aftermarket? Suggestions welcome.

91 Coupe Quattro 110K