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RE: radar detector/60K maintenance

Check out www.valentine1.com. Everything you want to know is on the web

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> Subject: radar detector/60K maintenance
> My wife wants to buy me a radar detector for my birthday.  I remember
> reading about the Valentine 1 on the list.  Who makes it, where can I get
> one, how much should I expect to pay?  Also, I am taking my 95 S6
> in for its
> timing belt, pulley and water pump.  What else do you recommend?
> Brake/Clutch fluid? Complete coolant flush? Tranny Lube?
> Differential Lube?
> I have had little luck searching the archives, so mu apologies in
> advance if
> this has been covered a million times over.
> Stefan Richter
> 95 S6
> 96 Jetta GLX