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Re: Rapid Fire Turn Signals

	indeed, this was the case.  upon closer inspection
	of the spades on the panel (left side, of course)
	i found the ground one to be slightly melted and
	corroded.  dremmel and contact cleaner were used
	on the contact itself.  i also opened up the 
	connector - a pretty easy task - and noted that 
	the contacts inside for the ground had been 
	flattened a bit.  a little screwdriver creativity
	bent them back up to make a good contact.

	viola, it worked.  we were thinking that perhaps
	this happene dwhen he switched a pair of headlights
	over to h1's - this problem appeared after that,
	and i theorized that the increase in power thru
	the system had done the melting.  thinkng about
	it though, that cannot really be right.

	then we worked on mine - my problem was brake lights.
	the really diddn't work.  the right pressure on the
	wires at the connector (left side again) would get 
	them back online but eventually, usually sooner 
	rather than later, they would stop functioning again.

	i took it all apart again and noticed the exact 
	same melting.  so i assume it's just bad materials 
	and bad engineering - just like the fuse box, etc.
	dremmel, cleaning, and putting the connector back 
	together looks to have done the trick.  i wish 
	there weren't wanky parts back there, but that's
	the break.  

	thanks, all, for the suggestions.

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

]the high speed blink is the flasher sensing a bulb out.  Which prolly
]means his rear clusters aren't getting a good ground.  Which is easy to
]fix, see url below.
]c a l i b a n wrote:
]>         i was asked by a friend with a urq to post this:
]>         he recently replaced his fuse panel, 83 urq.
]>         his turn signal operates normally until he depresses
]>         his brake pedal.  with that, the blink rate of the
]>         external signal lights and internal indicator blinks
]>         waaaay faster.
]>         i bet someone knows what this is.
]Huw Powell
]82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT

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