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Re: NON-AUDI: 1982 Lambo Countach for sale

Mike Del Tergo wrote:
> >well I was told 80K invested..
> Anand,
> I totally believe 80K was invested, I'm just rattling your tree a bit
> because the first thing you learn as an exotic or semiexotic car owner
> is that you never recover your restoration costs $ for $ especially when
> a lot of hot money buyers have seen their currency go down the drain.
> Unfortunately that doesn't stop alot of people from investing twice as
> much into a resto job as the finished car is worth and then thinking
> that they can recoup that cost.
> Mike

True. I have 4 or 5K into my 4000, but it doesnt mean I can sell it for
that. I wouldnt even try. I can put 20K into it. Its still a 4000Q.  83
Lambo's arent a real hot or coveted year either, so it would be tough.