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RE: Euro Light Performance Questions?

I have had H4's on a Rabbit (large square) and a 944 (7" round w/100W high
beams - very nice.).  I haven't had any problems on the 944.  I had to lower
the aim on the Rabbit because the springs I installed are much stiffer than
stock, and when I hit a bump it looks like I'm flashing my lights at
oncoming cars.  I've never been stopped though (knock on wood.)  


P.S.  I would put H4's on my '55 Austin-Healey, but I think Lucas Prince of
Darkness would set my car on fire!!

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> Sent:	Friday, January 22, 1999 11:05 AM
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> Subject:	Euro Light Performance Questions?
> Gentlemen,
> I am thinking seriously about upgrading to Euros and have a couple
> questions: I realize the pattern is much better that DOT but have a
> couple concerns about the brightness.
> Do they blind oncoming drivers where the oncoming drivers "flash" their
> brights alot?
> Does the brightness cause undue attention from our law enforcement
> personnel that we try so diligently to avoid?
> Russ
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> Littleton, CO