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S4 Maintenance Advice

I'm a brand new member and could use some advice from the more experienced
S4/S6 owners out there on two issues:

Issue 1.  Our '93 S4 is at the local Audi dealer's today to have a service
and replace the timing belt.  We bought the car at 62K miles (July 1998) and
it now has just turned 70K miles.  The timing belt has never been replaced.
Question: Besides having the timing belt and water pump replaced, is there
anything else I should have the dealer do at this time while he's working on
that part of the motor/car?

Issue 2.  Since the car has not had a scheduled service since 62K (and did
NOT have the 60K service), I have asked the dealer to do the 60K service
now.  Question: Is there anything else I should ask him do while he's
performing the 60K service that you've found is worth the time/$$$?

Thank you (in advance) for any and all assistance.

MAJ Andrew B. Seward
'93 S4