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1987 5000CS TQ WAGON FOR SALE:  $6500 or BO

This is the largest Audi wagon available - a REAL WAGON as opposed to the
small A6 and A4 so-called 'wagons'.  Second-owner since ~70K miles.
Silver/Gray. The ultimate ski car. Very original and un-played with. Very
clean inside & out. 100% mechanical-locking center and rear diffs. Totally
loaded. All records from new.  Heated full leather. Split rear seat. Has
beautiful silver forged 15x7" Fuchs wheels.  Purchased from Audi
dealership, was traded by original owner for new quattro. Always
over-maintained for maximum reliability with a very long-term ownership in
mind. Very reliable. Now at ~195K miles. Always Mobil 1, uses NO oil,
everything works including all windows, door-locks, seat-heat, etc, etc.

Recent new stuff:

Battery, complete clutch, Comp T/As on Fuchs, studded Hakka 10s on
late-model 15x6" BBS, P/S pump, rear springs, bushings and control arms,
rotors and pads at all 4 corners, air-filter/fuel
filter/plugs/wires/cap/rotor, ISV, eng temp sensor, multi-temp sensor,
heater blower motor, A/C condensor, adjustable Sport Konis at all 4
corners, headlight combo-switch, radiator, alternator, starter, Hella Rally
Lights, more, much more. . . . .

-glen      *PLEASE* contact me directly - I am not on the big.list
glen_powell@3com.com 508-229-1308 - car is in NH USA