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was 5000 spoiler

>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:43:38 EST


>Subject: OEM spoiler/wing for 5000?????

>today i saw a '86-'87 5000 turbo quattro with a rear wing/spoiler on it.  it

>looked factory...looked very similar to the one that was used on the 4000

>quattro...  it was painted body color.  Was this an option on the 5000?  ive

>never seen one before... anyone know where to get them? new / used?


>'86 5k TQ

>'84 5k T


I saw a guy with a rear spoiler on his 5000 quattro at the Portland Quattro
club event in November. He used the 4000 q spoiler and attached it to his
trunk lid. If you really liked the way it looked go to your local wrecking
yard and buy a 4000 q spoiler and attach it.

Howard Dinits