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Re: What happened to the 20V list?

Eric Renneisen wrote:

> Matt Rooke (mrooke@fcpa.fujitsu.com) wrote:
> > I haven't gotten any posts in 2 days- VERY unusual!  The only
> > real problem is that it leaves me with time to do work.
> 30 messages yesterday, 13 so far today. Maybe you've been
> inadvertently removed? I'm copying Tasos (tasos@emailsol.com) on
> this so that he can check on it.
> Eric Renneisen
> '90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
> Chattanooga, TN

Yes, Matt was auto-removed because of bounced mail.
We have a new feature in the server which sends the
past X number of emails. I will resubscribe you and
you will get the last 50 messages.